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Rod Sloane shares his tips, ideas and interviews on how to increase revenue through better sales and marketing alignment. The Audio Player is at the foot of the page. t: 07957 422203 @rodsloane
An interview with Adam Needles, Director of Field Marketing at Silverpop, on having a customer centric approach to Sales and Marketing Alignment.
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Part 2 of Rod Sloane's interview with Christine Crandell. Christine has some radical views on how to compensate your marketing staff if you want to align sales and marketing.

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Content rich discussion with Christine Crandell on how to align your sales and marketing.

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I interview Jim McLaughlin, Sales and Marketing Director of Axiall about how to improve the alignment between sales and marketing. Jim was the  International Sales Director at the Financial Times.
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Interview with Grant Leboff the author of Sales Therapy.
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Part Three of the Drayton Bird interview where we discuss where to place the big idea in your marketing. We also forecast the future of direct marketing.
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Drayton Bird Interview Part Two Part 2 of my recent interview with Drayton Bird discussing how to keep your prospect interested, how to use traditional marketing with permission based marketing and how to find that creative inspiration when you sit down to write your marketing.
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Drayton Bird Interview Part One First part of my interview with UK marketing legend Drayton Bird, author of "Commonsense Direct Marketing". Lots of further marketing resources at
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Meet me in London on Monday April 6th 2009

Rod Sloane reviews "How to Barack Obama Yourself and Your Business!" on Monday April 6th 2009 at the Old Bank of England, Fleet Street, London. This is a event.

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Rod Sloane Live in London! This is a much longer podcast than normal.  What you will hear is a recording of a speech I gave to IoD Members in London in February 2009.  In it I talk about the importance of a Marketing Plan and preview my new material How to Barack Obama your business.  The recording is  not brilliant audio, but I think the content is pretty good.
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