The Sales and Marketing Alignment Podcast
Rod Sloane shares his tips, ideas and interviews on how to increase revenue through better sales and marketing alignment. The Audio Player is at the foot of the page. t: 07957 422203 @rodsloane

Episode 50 of the Sales and Marketing Aligment Podcast features Rod Sloane interviewing Frank Belzer, @fbelzer, of Kurlan and Assocaites on how Salespeople can make their numbers by blogging regularly.

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Rod Sloane talks to Chris Westfall, USA National Elevator Pitch Champion, about how to communicate effectively both on and offline. Tips for any CEO, CRO, CSO or CMO.

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Rod Sloane talks to Ian Synge about practical tactics to develop successful sales and marketing alignment

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Lisa Hutt, EMEA VP Marketing at Concur Technologies explains to Rod Sloane how to excel at aligning sales and marketing.

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Rod interviews Bert Verdonck, the author of How to Really Use LinkedIn. This interview was orginally released to tie in with Rod's birthday in May 2012, now released on the Sales and Marketing Alignment Podcast

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Gerhard Gshwandtner talks with Rod Sloane about the future of selling and the impact of sales enabling technology.

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The Second part of Rod's interview with SLMA Founder, Jim Obermayer, with topics including what should a new sales manager do and what is the best CRM system.

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Rod talks to James about how to effectively manage sales leads and why sales don't follow up on leads.

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Yes, we are jumping on the bandwagon at the Sales and Marketing Alignment Podcast. Rod shares his Summer 2012 thoughts.

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Rod Sloane interviews Hugh Macfarlane about the thinking behind "The Leaky Funnel"

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