The Sales and Marketing Alignment Podcast
Rod Sloane shares his tips, ideas and interviews on how to increase revenue through better sales and marketing alignment. The Audio Player is at the foot of the page. t: 07957 422203 @rodsloane

Episode 72 is th Best of 2013 on the Sales and Marketing Alignment Podcast. Rod Sloane talk to Aaron Ross, Mike Weinberg and Tom Searcy.


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In Episode 71 of the Sales & Marketing Alignment Podcast, Rod talks to Australian journalist and speaker Michael Dodd, about how to answer those gut-wrenching, super tough questions.

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In Episode 70, Rod Sloane talks to author David Tovey about how to speed up the sale with Principled Selling.

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In Episode 69 Rod Sloane talk to Maribeth Kuzemski about how to ensure that your marketing message does not repel prospects.  Also exciting news about Rod's new seminar.

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In Episode 68, Rod Sloane talks to Tony Zambito on how to be more effective in sales and marketing by understanding and using buyer personas.

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In Episode 67, Rod Sloane talks to Aaron Ross the author of Predictable Revenue. Aaron share how to triple your pipeline with the $100 million best practices of

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In Episode 66, Rod Sloane talks to Oracle's Jill Rowley, the Queen of Social Selling, on how to be smart using LinkedIn and Twitter. A must listen for all in sales and business development.

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In Episode 65 of the Sales and Marketing Alignment Podcast Rod Sloane talks to Ken Krogue, President and Co-Founder of, about how to use Voicemail and why relying on Content Marketing won't help you penetrate Enterprise Accounts.

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In Episode 64 Rod Sloane speaks to Ken Krogue of on how to mix content marketing and outbound calling to achieve your revenue targets.

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In Episode 63 Debbie Wiilams, MD of Smart B2B Marketing talks to Rod Sloane about who really manages the pipeline.

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