The Sales and Marketing Alignment Podcast
Rod Sloane shares his tips, ideas and interviews on how to increase revenue through better sales and marketing alignment. The Audio Player is at the foot of the page. t: 07957 422203 @rodsloane

Rod Sloane talks about why you should podcast on National Podcasting Day 2014

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In Episode 80 Rod Sloane share how he uses LinkedIn and talks about launching your own Linkedin Group

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Episode 79, Rod Sloane talks to Jill Konrath about her new book Agile Selling

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in Episode 78 Rod Sloane talks to Anthony Zhang of SalesLoft about why you need a sales development team

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In Episode 77, Rod  talks to Carl Moe. the founder of CRO Success and the author of Chief Revenue Officer on defining value to your market.

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Episode 76, Rod Sloane talks to author and Hall of Fame Speaker, Scott McKaon, the author of Create Distinction.

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Episode 75, Rod Sloane talks to Thomas Hughes of Connection 2 on their 2014 LinkedIn Sales Person Survey.

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Episode 74, Rod Sloane talks with Jacco van der Kooij about making Customer Success the key goal in your Sales and Marketing Alignment.

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Episode 73, Trish Beruzzi of the Bridge Group talks to Rod Sloane about why diversity is important for revenue in your sales team

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